The general raised his arm, clad in flowing brown robes, flowing in the wind, his voice rang out over the loud crashes and violent eruptions of blaster cannons, and the screams of men and droids alike, he told us to run, we could not hold our positions any longer, we trust him, and he trusts us, he is a good man. He jumped out, and bravely used his saber, to deflect the plasma beams away from us and himself. We then jumped out from behind the fallen structure, which was once a building. We charged out as ordered, destroying the mechanical soldiers we know as “clankers”. I heard the screams of men, I knew the voices, these were not just men, they were more than soldiers, they were our brothers. All of us are forced to live everyday, knowing that somewhere, a brother, even if we'd never met him, fell at the hands of the confederacy. That is why we fight with vigor, not for ourselves, but for our fallen brothers. Our General understands, he fights by our side every battle, he knows each of our names, he cares when one of us dies, to him it is only a true victory if we lost no more than we had to, because he knows we are names, not numbers. All of a sudden I saw my brother and commander lift his communicator, an image of our chancellor appeared in light blue, I heard his words ring out over all of the noise surrounding me.... “Execute order 66.” I moved my gun from the clanker who had shot my brother, and aimed at the chest of the traitor. Without a word, I pulled the trigger.