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"My squad may not have done anything major like Delta Squad, but we are strong enough to fight you."- Turquoise to Imperial Commander TK-384

Tauntaun Squadron was elite clone troopers, later promoted to Clone Commandos, that were put under the command of CL-0702 nicknamed Turquoise. They first saw action during the Battle of Geonosis and participated in several other important battles during the Clone Wars after that. They were known for being partially independent, as they have not completed a few of their missions out of either compassion or hatred. One such mission took place during the Fourth Battle of Mygeto, when Tauntaun Squadron were sent to the planet to aid the Galactic Marines in battle against the Droid forces on the planet. During their mission, Order 66 was executed and the squad was ordered to execute their Jedi General, Rhon Mulli, but were stopped when Turquoise, who had removed his control chip, convinced them to let the Jedi live. Shortly after refusing to kill the Jedi, however, the squad was ambushed by forces sent by CC-1138 and led by CC-5001, who killed Rhon for them, along with squad member, RC-1327/a. In agner the Turquoise viciously murdered each member of the strike team but was stopped by his own squad before he could kill the final Marine, GM-4432. Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Tauntaun Squadron went into hiding in old Separatist space and eventually found a fleet of Separatist Warships, under the command of Lord Darken and OOM-382, and founded the Renegade Republic.

Squad Members Edit

  • CL-0702 (Turquoise, Leader)
  • RC-1327/a (Jackson, Second-in-command)
  • RC-7791 (Scanner, Sniper)
  • RC-4009 (Flame, Demo Expert)
  • RC-626 (Tech, Squad hacker)
  • RC-54361 (Survivor, Medical Aid)
  • CT-9954 (Nexu, Soldier/replacement for Flame)
  • OOM-327 (Changer, Spy)
  • GM-4432 (late entry)
  • Rhon Mulli (Jedi General)