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The second clone war was short lived conflict that took place in 12 BBY and ended 10 BBY, just before the start of the Galactic Civil War. It started when the remains of the rogue clone group, Tauntaun Squadron, joined with the small resistance of Separatist Forces and formed the Renegade Republic. The republic would then later seek aid, after the Battle of Umbara, from the Kaminoan Cloners from Tipoca City to aid them in their fight against the Galactic Empire. The kaminoans decided to side with them and began to create their own army of clone stormtroopers, called Anti-Troopers, and were about to send them off to the Republic, but were stopped when the 501st Legion discovered their betrayal and sent waves of Stormtroopers to attack and destroy the Anti-Trooper army. After the battle, only a handful of 59 Anti-Troopers, led by AT-0001, nicknamed Wampa.