"RC-4009! You did not have permission to use that flamethrower!"
"The name's Flame, and I just save your life, Admiral!"
- RC-4009 and Admiral Tess Vir
RC-4009 was one of the Clone Commados who worked in Tauntaun Squadron during the Clone Wars. He worked with the squad on three missions during the War, but was eventually killed by the rogue assassin droid, IG-88 during the Battle of Otto Mayra in 20 BBY. He got his name, Flame during the Ambush aboard The Republic's Hope, in which Flame used a old flamethrower to kill an heavily armed Geonosian Warrior and saved the life of Rodian Republic Admiral, Tess Vir. After his death, Flame would be replaced on the squad by CT-9954, who would come to known as Nexu by his squadmates.