Elite Scout Trooper Command
Created By:


  • Major Rhino
  • Sergeant Major Tofa
Notable member(s):
  • Sergeant Nova
Main soldiers:

Eite Scout Troopers

Unit(s) within:


Elite Scout Trooper Command was a group of ten Elite Specialty Squads filled with elite scout troopers. It was commanded by a Major Rhino and Sergeant Major Tofa.

Units WithinEdit

Known MembersEdit


  • One company of Clone troopers
  • 40 speeders
  • 2 AT-RTs
  • 20 droids
  • 1 LAAT/i
  • 10 squads of Elite Scout Troopers

Armor and EquipmentEdit

The members of Elite Scout Trooper Command were armed with DC-17 hand blasters, EMP grenades, V-1 thermal detonators, DC-23 Sniper Rifles, and rocket packs. One trooper in each squad had a DC-22 grenade launcher attached to his DC-23 and carried extra grenades. They used camouflaged Phase 3N armor which was tougher and lighter than Phase 1 or Phase 2.