Elite Scout Squad 6
Created By:


  • Sergeant Nova
Notable member(s):
  • Private Jaba Ju
Main soldiers:

Elite Scout Troopers


Orange and Light-Green

Elite Scout Squad 6 was a Elite Specialty Squad and the most famous unit in the Elite Scout Trooper Command. It was commanded by Sergeant Nova unit he was moved and Red-Zero was promoted to Sergeant to take his place. It was under the overall command of Major Rhino, who was in turn under Marshal Commander Zadra.

Known MembersEdit

Armor and EquipmentEdit

The members of Elite Scout Squad 6 were armed with DC-17 hand blasters, EMP grenades, V-1 thermal detonators, DC-23 sniper rifles, and rocket packs. In addition one member of the squad (CTS-2594) had a DC-22 grenade launcher attached to his DC-23. He also carried several extra grenades to use as ammunition. They used camouflaged Phase 2N armor which was lighter, lighter and more flexible than Phases 1 or 2.