DC-23 sniper rifle
Created By:


Manufactured By:

BlasTech Industries


Light Sniper Rifle

  • Tibanna Gas
  • Charge Magazine
Used By:

Elite Scout Troopers

Gas Capacity:
  • 300 shots (blaster bolts)
  • 100 shots (stun)
Magazine Capacity:

50 shots


1.3 meters (4 feet 3 inches)


3 kilograms (6 1/2 pounds

Effective Range:

10 kilometers

Maximum Range:

11 kilometers

The DC-23 sniper rifle was a weapon used by the Elite Scout Troopers of the Elite Scout Trooper Command.


The DC-23 was a powerful, long range, and accurate weapon. Nevertheless it was light and not that big. It was extremely rugged and could withstand water, cold, or mud. It was camouflage and very hard to break. One of the oddest features of the DC-23 was that it contained a scope. This scope was inside the gun unless the user pressed a button located near the trigger. It was a single shot weapon, though it could fire stun rounds. It also had a lever next to the magazine that when pulled allowed it to fire silently. It could also have the DC-22 grenade launcher attached.