Manufactured By:



Light Blaster Carbine

  • Tibanna Gas
  • Charge Magazine
Used By:

Clone jungle troopers

Gas Capacity:
  • 400 shots (low power)
  • 300 shots (high power)
  • 200 shots (stun)
Magazine Capacity:

40 shots


60.96 centimeters (2 feet)


0.907 kilograms (2 pounds)

Effective Range:

5 kilometers

Maximum Range:

7 kilometers

The DC-21C, also called the Rambo Deece, was a blaster carbine used by clone jungle troopers, as well as other variants of the SEWCs. It was produced by BlasTech Industries and closely resembled the DC-15S.


The DC-21C was made to be a rugged weapon, and could function even when exposed to rain, foliage, and mud. It was made of the highly corrosive-resistant metal kaleskar, which protected it from oxidation. It could also withstand hundreds of hits against heavy material without denting; this was made due to jungle troopers having to run away at quickly at times, constantly banging their weapons into trees. The weapon was also camouflaged with jungle patterns, which led to the nickname Rambo Deece.

The Rambo Deece had the charge magazine on the left side, and had front and rear sights. It had the same folding stock as the DC-15S except that a DC-22 grenade launcher could be attached to it.


The DC-21 model was manufactured by BlasTech for clone jungle troopers. The original DC-21 was prone to frequent jams, so they created the A and B models. The A variant fixed the jamming problems, and the B model had better sights. However, both of these types did not have a folding stock to fit a DC-22 grenade launcher, so the DC-21C was created.

The DC-21C was used frequently in the Clone Wars by jungle troops. It proved to be a very reliable weapon, and the typical Rambo Deece was modified to great extent.


The Rambo Deece had many accessories that could be attached. The DC-22 grenade launcher could fit under the folding stock, so jungle troops could have more firepower. Scopes could be attached to the top, as well as laser, reflex, ultraviolet and infrared sights. Also, a suppressor could be attached to reduce the sound of the Rambo Deece.