Clone Jungle Trooper
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Jungle Camouflage

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Clone jungle troopers were deployed on jungle worlds during the Clone Wars. They had camouflaged armor and did not use vehicles.

Tasks and JobsEdit

Clone jungle troopers mainly served as scouts for their units. They used their camouflaged armor to blend in with their surroundings. However, they also were deployed for sneak attacks on enemy bases or enemy patrol units, as they could very easily sneak around droid forces.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Clone jungle troopers had special armor for their scout missions. Instead of hav

ing shin plates and tactical boots, they had a single ridged boot which covered their shin and foot. These boots were made of a strong and flexible material. Their knee pads were the same as regular troopers', but their thigh plates were replaced by their black body glove over layered with the same material used for the boots. They had large pouches on the side to carry any weapons or intel the jungle trooper could find. The belt and torso armor was the same, except that the belt had larger pouches might out of a light cloth. The arm armor was also the same. The helmet had an extended visor that resembled a scout trooper's visor. The actual visor plate was tinted green and brown on the outside, but when the actual trooper looked through it it was clear.

Jungle troopers used the Rambo Deece, a light, reliable, and accurate blaster carbine that was produced by BlasTech. It closely resembled a DC-15S, but had its charge magazine enter on the left, and had better iron sights. During special occasions, the troopers would use other blasters. For their sidearms they carried a suppressed DC-12, which made virtually no sound at all.

They also carried thermal detonators and grenades during certain missions.

Known units with clone jungle troopersEdit