I walk into the briefing room and sit down. Commander Scar is at the front talking to us “We will land in a combat zone so be ready” he explains “you need to take cover immediately. The three AT-TEs will cover you but the droid forces are strong. Push forward regardless. I will be leading the frontal attack and Captain Blas will lead a small group to attack them in the flank. Any questions?” There was a pause and then he continued “Good. Now lets bust some clankers!!” We filed out of the room and got our weapons. There was a bump as the ship made the transition out of Hyperspace and into the Mazpots system. We got into the LAATs and the hangar doors opened, it was time. Hunter chuckled nervously as we flew out and into the atmosphere and was shushed by Lucky.

I heard multiple explosions outside and suddenly the doors slid open! We jumped out and the LAAT flew away. I ran to hide behind a rock. I jumped up and fired a few shots, quickly ducking back behind the rock. Y-wings and Vulture droids flew overhead, engaging in a dogfight. Over my comm I could hear the screams of dying troopers and others yelling to push on. I ran forward and threw a droid popper into the ranks of the enemy. I then duck under the fire of a dwarf spider droid and jump on top of it, firing my blaster into its photoreceptors over and over again. It explodes and I jump off just in time! My visor notifies me of a gas attack! “Gas attack! Engage your filters!” I yell into my comm. The gas passes and suddenly I see a jedi. For the first time. From here it looks like a tornado of green. Ripping into the ranks of the droid army. I keep going.