I duck under the crossbar and slide along the plank but just as I clear it a droid shoots me in the chest. Orange lights flare on my training suit. I am out. Frustrated, I slam my weapon to the ground. The trainer comes up to me and says “well done CT-1438 but you will have to do better!” I lower my head and march off. Suddenly CT-1467 comes up to me and takes off his helmet. “Hey Spark! Don't look so unhappy!” He says excitedly “We got ourselves a mission!” 

I suddenly perk up. A mission? This is what Hunter and I have been waiting for! As new recruits of SCAR squadron, we haven't had any action yet but a mission means I could get the chance to prove myself in-front of Commander Scar himself! “Well, lets go then” I almost shout. 

When our squad arrives at the transport ship we are suited up in full armour, markings and all. Captain Blas inspects us and says to Commander Scar, “We got ourselves some newbies but they will do.” Then he turns around and gives us a speech. “I know that not many of you have ever been in battle. I understand that lots of you may be unexperienced and still cower at the thought of a commando droid but you were all chosen for a reason. You are the best of the bunch. You all have high scores on the tests and weather you believe it or not, you are ready! Now, are you prepared to take on one of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy and achieve what the average clone only dreams of doing?! Are you ready to lay down your lives for the republic?!” 

Simultaneously we all say “Sir yes sir!” Then follow him on to the transport. 

On the transport it is dimly lit and we stand in rows of four. Finally! I am leaving Kamino! Over the loudspeaker we hear a voice saying PREPARE TO DOCK WITH CRUISER! And we all feel a jolt. Then we march out and disperse. I am selected to go to the bridge and guard the officers there. As I emerge out onto the bridge I wonder what the future has in store for me.