23rd Jungle Warfare Brigade
Created By:


  • Senior Clone Commander Graa
  • Regimental Commander Avird
  • Regimental Commander Agrarr
Main soldiers:

Clone jungle troopers

Unit(s) within:
  • Lionheart Regiment
  • Greenstreak Regiment
  • Lake Regiment
  • Crystal Regiment

Jungle Camouflage

The 23rd Jungle Warfare Brigade was a brigade of clone jungle troopers. It was led by Senior Clone Commander Graa and consisted of 4 regiments, Lionheart Regiment, Greenstreak Regiment, Lake Regiment, and Crystal Regiment. It was deployed to harsh jungle worlds for special warfare, and was not personally led a a Jedi; instead it was commanded by Arryan Hav'narbuddrezzar and the Special Environments Warfare Command.